When it comes to surface treatment, HAS Aluminyum A.Ş. does an excellent job. With modern equipment and our own quality control laboratory, we not only meet the requirements of the anodizing association, but exceed them....

The concentration of bath chemicals, bath temperatures, pH levels and rinsing techniques are main factors that ensure uniform color and anodized surfaces. Your profiles are therefore inspected by expert personnel after each production step, ensuring consistent, high quality.

We can anodize profiles up to 6,500 mm in length, as well as piece treat.

Our annual anodizing capacity is 10,000 tons.

E0 Entfetten Farblos/Natur EV1 C0
E1 Schleifen Neusilber EV2 C31
E2 Bürsten Gold/Hellbronze EV3 C32
E3 Polieren Mittelbronze EV4 C33
E6 Beizen Dunkelbronze EV5 C34
  Schwarz EV6 C35