Production takes place on a total enclosed area of 25,00 square meters in Kurtköy and Gebze.

Three extrusion lines are available at HAS Aluminium for production. 

Profiles with low wall thicknesses are produced on the 6-inch extrusion press with a press force of 1250 tons. Economical production is already possible on this line with a batch size of 500 kg.
Larger profiles are produced on the 7-inch extrusion press with a press force of 2000 tons. Economical production on this press is possible from a batch size of 1 ton.
From mid-2023, an additional 8-inch extrusion press with a press force of 2500 tons will be put into operation.

To see our dimensions for different cross sections, please click here.

The annual production capacity of our two presses is 16,000 tons. From mid 2023 our annual capacity will be 25,000 tons.

In addition to standard 6000 series alloys (such as 6060, 6063, 6463, 6082, 6101, 6005), 1000 and 3000 series alloys are also used in our production.