Ensuring high quality standards, from raw material to the finished product, is one of our top priorities. Careful monitoring, active innovation and continuous training ensure that high standards are maintained, and we constantly strive to improve our processes and exceed expectations. The excellence we achieve spurs us on to go even further.

Our quality management system is tailored to the needs of the aluminum industry and is developed and improved year after year through a process of continuous improvement.
Our goal is to produce products of exceptional quality that are economical and environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle.

The result of our quality management are precision profiles " Made by HAS Aluminyum ".

Our company is certified according to the ISO 9000:2015 standard.

We also follow a certified EN 15088:2005 factory production control 2+ system and are therefore authorized to use the CE mark on any product to be used in the construction sector.

Our surface treated profiles are certified according to

QUALANOD quality mark for anodizing aluminum based on sulfuric acid


QUALICOAT quality mark for paint, varnish and powder coatings on aluminum for architectural applications.