Incoming goods inspection

In order to ensure the consistently high quality of our profiles, only products that meet the requirements defined when the order is accepted enter our production process.

Quality control starts with the delivery of our raw material. By means of our spectro-analysis we check whether the chemical composition of our billets complies with the certified standards.

Production inspection

Our quality management department prepares an inspection plan with detailed inspection instructions for each production order. All prescribed tests are carried out and documented during production by our employees and shift supervisors.

For this purpose we test in our laboratory 

  • the tensile and tear strength of the profiles 
  • the dimensions (Romidot),
  • the hardness and
  • the layer thickness of surface-treated profiles.  

Quality reports

On the basis of the tests we perform, we have the possibility to issue technical quality reports according to EN 2.3, EN 3.1 and EN 3.2 standards and at the same time provide traceability information.