Our human resources policy is determined in line with HAS ALUMİNYUM's vision, mission and business strategies.

The only criterion for recruitment, assignment in different fields and promotions within HAS ALUMİNYUM is that the personnel have the qualifications suitable for the job. There is no discrimination based on religion, language, race and gender.

Strategies such as planning, recruitment and placement, job evaluation, training, remuneration and benefits, performance management, industrial relations and employee relations are all effectively implemented in HAS ALUMİNYUM.


  • carries out the necessary activities to recruit and develop candidates with the potential to carry the company into the future.
  • ensures that industrial relations are determined, monitored, developed and related practices in the companies are carried out in coordination.
  • ensures close cooperation with educational institutions in order to train the appropriate people for the needs.
  • ensures that communication between companies, within the company and between departments is strengthened.
  • listens and responds to suggestions and requests from employees and takes measures to increase motivation.

HAS ALUMİNYUM is responsible for the realization of all human resources practices in accordance with Labor Law and legislation.